Gifts to GHA

Gifts to the Gurler Heritage Association in Memory of Helen Merritt should be mailed to:

Gurler Heritage Association
P.O. Box 404
DeKalb, IL 60115-0404


Gurler Heritage Association Welcomes You to the Gurler House
205 Pine Street, DeKalb, Illinois 60115 USA

Mission Statement

Adopted November 1995

The mission of the Gurler Heritage Association is to foster appreciation of DeKalb’s historic heritage by preserving, maintaining, and encouraging public use of the George Gurler House at 205 Pine Street near downtown DeKalb, Illinois.

To that end, the Association meets regularly to receive reports from its officers on the physical condition of the House and grounds and their use by community groups. At such times the Board also plans for future maintenance and organizes events relevant to the heritage of DeKalb. In the spirit of DeKalb’s pioneer past the Association also makes its facilities available to community groups whose activities in its judgment foster community stability and well-being. The Association also publishes a series of monographs entitled The Gurler Chronicles and other works which describe aspects of life in DeKalb.